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Career at 3C
Career at 3C
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Successful team work is not an accidental occurence. We believe that we have to take care about the composition of our staff. That is why we select staff members by their skills, their attitude and private activities. We believe that all our employees must share important values about labour, success, life and family.
Your career at 3C
Your career at 3C

Our people

Every member of staff has to perform an essential task. The work is guided by customer orientation and reliability to perform accuracy that is accompanied by commitment and dedication to reach objectives in order to deliver solid results to the customer.

Working partnership in teams

We are open to each other and work in partnership. We work in flexible teams challenging us every day. We will provide high value to the customer and we are aiming to support our relationship to the customer. Every member of the team can enjoy our confidence and has confidence in colleagues, partners and customers.

Freedom and responsibility

The member of staff can expect a maximum of freedom limited by a framework of ethnic qualities and within the limits of the law, in order to perform the given task.

What we expect

We are expecting, that every member is using his/her initiative and creativity to support the vital interests of the company. Everyone is responsible for an indispendable task and duty within the company. Members of the staff distinguish by increasing the value to the customer and by achieving his/her specified aims.

Join a leading provider of service and logistic solutions

3C is a leading solution provider in the logistic and service field. Our strong customer focus assures good market shares and healthy growth. Our products festival-XP and LOGISplus are powerful tools tailored for vertical and horizontal markets. We have internationalized our products and distributing our products all over the world.

Come join us and see your career soar to new heights

3C is looking for people who are open-minded to new technologies and like to work because it is challenging. If you feel that you are a well skilled person that fill fit in our team, please send a resume. Please click here...
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