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Our management is leading with experience and best-practice about the beverage and food industry..


The company is managed by Mr. Jörg Tischer since many years. Mr. Tischer has a master degree in computer science. You can reach Mr. Tischer via his office or send an email to tischer@3cgmbh.de .

Mr. Tischer was working in different positions at IBM-Germany and Hewlett-Packard. He was also working for General Motors in Ohio. In 1987/88 has was a leading designer of CASE tools to implement ISO protocol at IBM. In 1989 he joined 3C GmbH and was responsible for the development of new CASE tools. After successfully working in charge of important customer development project, he was appointed to chief executive officer in 1995. Mr. Tischer was the driving force for the development of new products that led to LOGISplus and festival.

Mr. Tischer was responsible for the acquisition of important large customer accounts. Today Mr. Tischer is responsible for the strategic orientation of the company and the strengthening of the core competences.

Mr. Tischer is married and has two kids (Linda und Felix), who keep him busy while he is not at work.

Key Principles
Key Principles
The management of a company is guided by basic principles. We believe that these principles have to be simple and comprehensible for everybody. The following principles are guiding our actions:
    • Our customers are the most valuable asset that a company can have.
    • We are trying to establish long-term relationships with the customer, based on mutual understanding.
    • We are open and honest to our customers, our colleagues and our suppliers.
    • Every employee is committed to protect the interests of the company.
    • We are working precisly and goal-oriented.
    • This is the only way to achieve the highest standards in quality for our products and services.
    • Creativity and innovation does not grow in abundance. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Criticism and helpful suggestions are welcomed.

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