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Our business partners
Our business partners

Strategic partnerships 

The following companies are strategic partners. These partners have a strategic impact on our portfolio development and are key partners and suppliers at the customer site:

SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany

    We are working with SAP AG since a couple of years. After the successful accomplishment of joint projects we followed the invitation by SAP to make festival-XP cooperating with SAP Netweaver plattform. In March 2006 we were certified as a software partner. Further information about SAP can be found here.

Microsoft GmbH, Unterschleissheim, Germany

    We are working with Microsoft since 1990. As a registered independent software vendor we were participating all major development programs of Microsoft. The long and successful collaboration enables us to get strategic information about the development of important products and technologies by Microsoft. So we can align our product development to provide new technologies as soon as possible in productive products. In spring 2005 the warehouse management system LOGISplus was certified by Microsoft. In the autumn 2005 we were certified as 'certified partner'. Furher information can be found here.

Symbol Technologies GmbH, Germany

    As a solution provider in the logistic area we have to implement solutions based on a wide range of requirements. Here we need partners that supply a wide range of industry proven devices that are applicable in a different application scenarios. In the area of mobile computing we have selected Symbol as the strategic partner. So we are in close contact with the development of Symbol product and align our solutions to be compatible with major Symbol product lines. We have a 'authorized reseller' partner status at Symbol. More information is available here.

Important software suppliers

As a solution provider we are delivering complete solutions. Many components are delivered by superior partners. This principle applies in the software area as well. Important software vendors are:

Business Objects with Crystal Reports

    We are working with crystal reports since many years. All reports and statistc of LOGISplus and festival-XP are running with crystal reports. Further information is available here.

Astaro AG, Karlsruhe, Germany

    Astaro is a leading firewall and security partner. Astaro provides very effictive solutions to protect your company from various risks comming through the internet. Further information is available at the Astaro website. Please clich here.

Important hardware suppliers

As a solution provider we are delivering complete solutions. Many components are delivered by superior partners. This principle applies in the hardware area as well. Important hardware suppliers are:

PSC with Scanners for the fork lift

    PSC delivers RF scanners (of the Powerscan series) that are the most reliable devices that we have ever delivered and installed at our customers. The trouble-free operation makes us and our customers happy. Further information can be found here.

Microscan with stationary scanners

    Stationary scanners of microscan are applied where we have to read barcode labels that are moving on a belt conveyor. The devices are very reliable and industry proven. Further information is available here.

IdentecSolutions AG, Lustenau, Austria

    The identec solutions is a leading supplier of RFID components. We are using these components to solve a wide range of problems in the field of asset tracking. Further information can be found at the website. Please click hier.


Important service partners

We are always seeking to optimize our business processes and to provide a lean and flexible organization. To realize this approach we need business partners that support us:

Kaupp, Krebok und Partner GbR, Mannheim, Germany

    The KKP is a leading tax consultant and a certifed public accountant. The KKP is advising our board of directors since 2001. We have accomplished many successful projects. Our contact person is Mr. Müller. Further information is available at the KKP website. Please click here.

AKL Independent insurance broker GmbH & Co. KG, Mannheim, Germany

    The AKL is an experienced and competent broker in all fields of insurance. The AKL is helping us to get the right insurance protection we need at the best prices. Further information is here.

Joint success

We are working in a complex business world. The 3C GmbH is focusing on their core competences and is aiming to improve the value of the products for our customers. That's why we like to make use of the knowledge and expertise of valuable business partners.

Strategic Partners (2013)

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