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Enterprise Storage solutions by


We recommend open-e because of

    • robust linux-based technology
    • outstanding price-performance of the products
    • compatible with industry standards
    • easy to manage with web-based interface
    • supports legacy hardware
    • supports latest hardware
    • supports popular backup software

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Storage Solutions by Open-E
Storage Solutions by Open-E

We are developing complex and sophisticated hardware and software solutions since many years. These experiences and results are available in projects where we work as solutions provider. It is a great pleasure to be able to recommend proven business solutions provided by selected partner companies like Open-E.

If it comes to data storage solutions we have implemented many projects based on Open-E storage solutions. The Open-E product DSS V7 is an industry proven linux-based data storage software used for building and managing centralized data storage servers - NAS and SAN.

Open-E Data Storage Software V7

The Open-E DSS V7 offers built-in enterprise-class features , such as 

  • Active-Active Fail-over
  • Active-Passive Fail-over
  • Volume Replication
  • Snapshots
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Backup solution
  • and many more ...

There are too many features to be mentioned. Please visit the open-e website. Use the following link to get on the feature and benefits page and be prepared to get impressed: Features and benefits.

Start with free DSS V7 Lite

Open-E is a leading technology company and provides a very flexible licence model. You can start and use Open-E products for free. The DSS V7 Lite allows to get to know the product and you can to use many valuable features to build your data storage solution for free. To get a permanent free license key you have to register your server on the open-e portal. The product is limited to 2TB of storage and a few advanced features like fail-over and replication are not available. But you can add these features once you have the demand. Then you will be surprised about the price-performance profile of open-e products. No other data storage vendor can compete.

About our experiences

Based on iSCSI or NFS the DSS V7 is a leading storage solution and is our primary answer to many questions concerning modern data storage problems in daily business. We run DSS V7 in our data center and run large SAN systems as backbone for our VMWare vSphere server. Since many years we have a availability of 99.99% of our hosting products. Further we use DSS V7 to implement backup storage solutions. Again DSS V7 can outperform any other storage product with the flexibility to be integrated in any environment: VMWare, Linux or Windows. 

Our services

We can provide service to build SAN and NAS solutions based on Open-E DSS V7. We recommend hardware by Hewlett-Packard. For high performance system we can provide Infiniband technology support and have implemented SAN iSCSI backbones with 40 GBit/s bandwidth. We recommend to build systems based on HP Blade Center components.

About Open-E

Open-E, Inc. is a company focusing on IP-based storage management software. It is well known for its Open-E Data Storage Software V7 (DSS V7), a file and block storage management software that supports NAS storage, InfiniBand and FibreChannel. The software is iSCSI Active-Active Ready for high-availability and additionally provides Remote Mirroring for disaster recovery, WORM (Write Once Read Many) support for digital archiving, and NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) support for universal backup. Open-E's philosophy is simple: develop the best software in the industry, use the latest technology and maintain a competitive edge in all market areas - benefiting customers and partners.

Please visit the vendor website to get more detailed information. 

High-Availabilty - A technical dream becomes affordable

The fail-over technology of open-e allows you to implement high availability data storage solutions. This is a critical issue when it comes to maintain high availability of virtual environments. The DSS V7 provides an easy setup procedure to get two Open-E data storage software servers up running in a fail-over mode with synchronous volume replication. An example configuration and action is presented on the picture below:

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