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Beverage industry
Beverage industry
festival-XP is the leading system for the management of rental items in the beverage industry.

Large events...
Large events...
festival-XP allows to manage and to handle big events with numerous sub-projects.

festival-XP supports the management of conferences, trainings and workshops.

festival-XP for the rental business
festival-XP for the rental business

festival is a ERP-system with focus on the service-business. In contraction to the simple retail business, the service business is characterized by the impact of project management, management of shared ressources, billing based on time, volume and consumption, returnable goods and other special business processes. This differentiates festival-XP from usual ERP-systems and provides outstanding performance for the rental and service business.

Target customers of festival-XP

festival-XP targets all service-oriented companies. All festival features encourage your core competences and boost your business. festival embraces many different application areas and business processes in the rental and service-industry. The following list names a few target areas:

  • Rental items in the beverage industry
  • Rental items in general
  • seminar and workshop provider
  • independent software vendors
  • marketing- und Eventagencies
  • service provider
  • call-Center and direct marketing agencies
  • ticket system provider
  • hardware-maintenance and service provider
  • maintenance service business in general
  • etc.

Festival Features

festival-XP is an all-embracing solution, running successfull since many years. festival has been streamlined along the requirements of our customers and the service business processes. Our solution is industry proofen and reliable. Many customers empower their business with festival running 24x7x365. Here is a short festival feature list:
  • Disposition of article over time
  • providing correct stock level at any time
  • processing the flow of all outbound and inbound activities
  • accurate handling of returnals
  • accurate stock level for all article in stock
  • accurate billing of articel and service bases on time, volumen and consumption
  • integrated workflow from quote, costing, confirmation of order, bill of delivery for outbound and inbound items up to billing
  • etc.

Modules of festival-XP

festival-XP is a complete solution. In order to scale solutions we have grouped functionality in separate modules. The list of availabe modules is:
  • order processing (quote, order, billing)
  • order handling of raw material
  • route settlement
  • serving different clients at different locations
  • interfaces to different host systems (R/3, AS/400, BASIS-II, ...)
  • stock-keeping at different locations
  • customer relationship management functions
  • web module with main functions to do business over the internet
  • Exporting interfaces to financial software like DATEV, SAGE, KHK, ...
  • certified SAP-interface
  • powered-by SAP-Netweaver
  • etc.

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