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Tracking & Tracing solutions
Tracking & Tracing solutions

Tracking & Tracing regulation

The EU regulation EU/178 2002 requires, that all companies who are manufacturing or distributing food or animal feed, have to operate a tracking & tracing system.

What does this mean?

In case of any kind of spoiling a product, the manufactor must be able to track the goods recipient (upstream) or on other side, must be able to name the supplier of raw materials. This process of tracking & tracing must be performed in a appropriate time and in an accurate manner.

What do we have to do?

All parties involved must track the flow of good through the warehouse. Upstream and downstream, which means that flow of good from supplier to product and vice versa from the product to the customers or good recipient must be tracked and must be traceable. This can be a simple piece of paper where you take notes about inbound goods and list the customers who receive your products. This solution might appear very simple, but often is not the most economic way to handle the problem.

What is an economic solution?

The solution is a tracking & tracing system like LOGISplus, that provides best practice to the user to perform all neccessary steps. LOGISplus embraces the international standards like EAN-128 and EDI defined by GS1 and delivers full featured standard functionality that is easy to use.

Tracking & Tracing - Entry solution
Tracking & Tracing - Entry solution

To meet the minimal requirements of the EU/178 regulations, we follow the recommendations of GS1 and ECR committee. That means the application of transport label on the pallets. Further steps is the inclusion of EDI messages.

Receiving goods from packaging line

We interface with the EAN-128 labeling machine and receive corresponding data about the content of the EAN-128 label.

Receiving goods from suppliers

We acquire the data from the label. Either we the data has been announced by EDI messages or we have to scan the label manually. Then we complete the entry and close the entry process.

EAN-128 inventory management

Due to the fact that we book every goods receipt and every goods issue, we are able to track stock levels. We manage, hold and maintain all data that belongs to a SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code).

Goods issue

When goods leave the warehouse we join the SSCC with identification attributes of the sales order, bill of material, charge number and other important parameters. Different technologies apply in order to identify the SSCC manually of automatically.

Tracking & Tracing - Full-blown solution
Tracking & Tracing - Full-blown solution

Basically all aspects described in the section above are applicable for the full-blown solution. Beyond this we provide solutions to automate processes and minimize the use of manual intervention. Depending on the structure and organisation of the warehouse we can offer different solutions to provide economical solutions.

Automatic tracking in the warehouse

Every transfer of the pallet is tracked. When goods arrive at the end of the packaging line, we scan the barcode label automatically. Beyond this we track the move of the pallet on the conveyor band. This feature enables LOGISplus to recognize all pallets even when bulk of 2,3,4 or 6 pallets are clustered and taken off by the fork lift. The fork lift does not have to scan any label - consequentially.

Management of block storage

With the accurate tracking of each single pallet movement, the system can make a real time statement about the location of a pallet at any time. The real time block storage situation can be viewed at the master control panel. The 'StoreViewer' allows to visualize the stock level of every block, column, row and single pallet.

Fork lift supervision system

All pallet movements are controlled by the fork lift supervision system. Depending on the type of transfer order (transfer order, goods receipt, goods issue) all fork lifts get dispatched orders by the system. Every single order give detailed instructions which pallet(s) is to be transfered from source location to target destination.

Local positioning system

Due to the fact that neither scanning is neccessary when goods are loaded on the truck nor when goods are arriving at the warehouse, the local position of the fork lift is an important issue. We have to prove that the pallet are picked from the correct location and transfered to the right spot. This is achieved by the local positioning system that was developed by 3C.

Goods issue - best practice

When goods leave the warehouse outward the system selects the articles or pallets in alignment with the defined warehouse strategies and priorities that the customer defined in the process of setting up the warehouse management system. All parameters like date of minimum durability, state of quality and other parameters are taken into account.

Alternative approaches

There are many ways to meet the requirements of the EU regulation. The best practice solution can be defined with knowledge of the customers situation only. Please feel free to contact us. We can help you to find an economic and practical solution. Please send your request. Click here.

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