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Vehicle mounted
Vehicle mounted
We can provide terminals that are mounted to the fork lift.

Transfer orders
Transfer orders
The supervision system generates transfer orders that are send to the mobile terminals.

Fork lift supervision system
Fork lift supervision system

The operation of fork lifts is a cost-intensive process. Fork lifts are build and used to perform transports. Every minute that a fork lift does not perform a transport is a waste of money. In practice it is not easy to control the work and the performance of fork lifts in a warehouse or on the yard. To get best practice running you shoud consider to make use of a fork lift supervision system. A supervision system provides all means to enhance the performance and to lower costs of operation.

What are the main features?

A fork lift supervision system generates transfer order to the fork lift. The system dispatches the orders and communicates with the vehicles via mobile terminals. The online communication is a key feature of a supervision system. Only real time communication can provide the best decisions for the usage of the vehicles. The fork lift driver acknowleges the transfer order and executes the order.

What are the benefits?

LOGISplus is in charge of all processes in the warehouse. So the system can take all states of all processes into account to make a decision about the next best transfer order. A wide range of parameters, rules and strategies can be evaluated to generate a transfer order:

Minimize the routes - save costs

To minimize the routes makes sense, when the time to pass the route is high in relationship to the time to pick up the goods. This happens when the dimensions of a warehouse are measured in 'hundreds' of meters. A fork lift supervision system can provide transfer orders at the right location at any time. So we prevent that the fork lift gets 'empty orders' and is always carrying goods.

Enhance availability - Harmony

Very often a fork lift has to perform severals jobs in the warehouse: Serving the packaging line, performing transfer orders to unload trucks et cetera. The tasks are dispatched in a more or less unmanaged manner. The LOGISplus supervision system detects the demand of transfer orders automatically and can generate appropriate transfer orders. But the fork lift driver has the choice to select the order of performing the orders! This flexibility leads to a better harmony among the competing processes in the warehouse.

Optimize the stock turnover - FIFO

In cooperation with the bin location management we can provide the execution of complex warehouse management strategies like FIFO for instance. The supervision system can enforce the strategies.

Optimize the storage space - space costs money

In cooperation with the inventory and bin location management the supervision system can provide the best practice use of available storage space. The bin location management system recognizes that space can be packaged and a good that is stored in 2 or more blocks can be compressed in one block. The supervision system generates the neccessary transfer orders to free space automatically. Also strategies like FIFO is taken into account to sort the pallets in the accurate manner into the block.

Combination of rules - best mix

In order to optmize the operation of fork lifts we have to develop rules and strategies that describe the best practice in a formal way. This is a complex task and should be accompanied by an experienced consultant. On this base we can develop a model to run the supervision system and to meet the goals.

A supervision system can tap the full potential of your fork lift operations. Please feel free to contact us. Please send a request. Click here.

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