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Space optimum
Space optimum

LOGISplus incorporates the body of the vehicle and generates best practice truck loads.


Pallet tickets
Pallet tickets

the innovative concept of pallet tickets allows more control of picking processes.


Vehicle space optimization
Vehicle space optimization

Who needs loading space optimization?
To optimize the loading space is a usual procedure. Rolling trucks are expensive and so the truck must load as much as possible. If you have vehicles delivering your products to many different locations on one route, it is important that goods can be unloaded easily by the driver. The unloading restrictions must be taken into account when the complete load is designed. On the other hand the body of the vehicle has to be taken into consideration. But we have to keep in mind that the a picking worker in the warehouse must be able to assemble the pallets that we need to meet the requirements mentioned above. These goals are running in opposite directions. Who can this problem be solved ?


The solution is to develop well-defined rules and algorithm that deliver solutions. The different solutions are weighted and a composition of all solutions is the result. What are the contradicting demands? Here are a few:

  • The pallets must be assembled easily by the picking worker.
  • The load or pallets must be findable and unloadable easily by the truck driver.
  • While filling the loading space the guidelines and preferences that the driver specified must be considered. The driver has the best knowledge about the best practice of filling the loading space.
  • To meet safety to traffic, we must comply with legal requirements. That means the goods must be stacked in a safe manner and the maximum load of the truck must be observed.

What are the components of vehicle space optimization?

The software consists of two modules: A module 'vehicle dispo' to dispatch the loading space and a module called 'pallet ticket generator'. The vehicle dispo can be used by the vehicle driver or a person who is in charge of route settlement. All relevant data about a vehicle is stored in the master-data management. The user can select the desired route of the vehicle and starts entering the preference and restrictions concering all pallets and goods on the truck.

The pallet ticket generator processes all data specified by the 'vehicle dispo' module. Further the generator has access to a database of all article. There all relevant data like physical dimensions, weight, etc. are defined in the database. Further important data about the way the packages are stackable is defined and used by the generator. A well-defined algorithm generates a picking list for each pallet that has to be assembled in order to distribute the goods to the customers on the selected route. The pallet ticket can be forwarded directly to the picking worker without a voucher (if applicable).

What are the benefits of vehicle space optimization?

Vehicle space optimizsation gives you many advantages:
  • Optimize the use of the truck
  • Get best practice fundamentals for the picking process
  • Automatic dispatching and vehicle space optimization
  • Improvement of picking process performance
  • Flexible and improved dispatching of work load of picking processes
  • Enhanced control of picking processes. A smallest unit is the pallet (or smaller unit if desired) and not the complete truck load.

There are many more good reasons to optimize vehicle space. Please feel free to contact us. We will show you the economic advantages using space optimization. Please use the following request form Click here.

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