Automatic pallet tracking
Local positioning system for fork lifters

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PalTrack technology
PalTrack technology

The picture shows the small antenna under the axis of the fork lift. Protected in a special case and mounted with a new technology, the system is easy to install and easy to do service or maintenance.

PalTrack - tracking the flow of goods
PalTrack - tracking the flow of goods
What does PalTrack?

PalTrack is the answer by 3C to the demand of automatic tracking of the goods through the warehouse and yard. Conventional technologies like barcode are limited when automatic tracking is required. Imagine the transfer of pallets in your warehouse. Do you want to scan each EAN-128 label on the pallets? There must be a better solution to this problem. PalTrack is the solution.

In application scenarios where heavy handling of cargo is daily business as it happens in the food or beverage industry, PalTrack is a very efficient, economic solution.

How does PalTrack work?

The pallets are tracked by means of locating the pallets along the way through the warehouse and the yard. PalTrack is a local positioning system. But in contraction to other concepts, PalTrack wants to know the source, important check points and the sink of a transfer order. The fork lift gets a transfer order to transport a pallet from location A to the location B. PalTrack recognizes if the fork lift starts at location A and loads two pallets. After acknowlegement of the getting two pallets, the fork lift driver gets the information of the target location in the warehouse. Again we recognize if the fork lift arrives at the location B. There the fork lift leaves the pallets. The patended PalTrack detects if the transport was done correctly. In cooperation with the bin location management system PalTrack is able to associate the position in the block storage and the exact location of the pallet.

What are the advantages of PalTrack?

PalTrack holds many advantages to the logistic processes. To name the most important ones:

  • automatic tracking of the fork lifter
  • automatic tracking of pallets
  • No scanning of pallets - automatic recognition
  • Simple system - industry proofen and reliable
  • enhancement of fork lift performance

What are the components of PalTrak?

PalTrack is build of several hardware and software components. We name the important modules:

  • recognition electronic at the fork lift
  • RFID tags in the floor
  • terminal mounted to the fork lift

The following picture shows the recognition device mounted on the fork lift.

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