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Track your pallets in the warehouse automatically. more information ...

Picking process
Picking process

Enhance picking processes and reach new levels of efficiency. more information...

Function blocks of LOGISplus
Function blocks of LOGISplus

Masterdata Management 

Central Management of master data and management of customer related components like reports, statistics, analytics, customizing and so on.

Process control system

This module is a core component of the system: a real time process control system. This is the place where real process are implemented and customized parameters and rules define the desired behaviour of the logistic process that is represented in the system. All transactions are performed in real-time. This allows real-time data about all processes and states the system is in. This means real-time data about the status of employees, fork lift, pallets, pick-processes and so on.

Yard Management 

This modules controls the traffic of all vehicles in the yard. All vehicles, the stations and the roads are defined in the system. Events like entrance and quitting of vehicles are detected automatically by means of RFID, magnetic card readers or optic recognition peripherals. Based on roles and rules the vehicles are guided to station or park lanes. This is done automatically and depends on the status of internal logistic process. A truck is called to a station to be unloaded when a appropriate fork lift is available or is on the way to the station. The trucks are controlled by gates, fire lights or large displays which are interfacing with the yard management.

Master control station

The master control system visualize all activities in the system and display the state of all represented logistic processes and resources in real-time. This is the place where processes are manipulated: Halt, Pause or resume of a certain logistic process. Trucks are dispatched to a route, truck load is dispatched and so on. The master control panel delivers all analytical information about the load in the logistic. This enables the supervisor to dispatch resources well timed. Statistical reports with valuable analytical data is also available.


This module supports the checking process at the gate to the yard. Truck specific data can be entered and gates are opened by the module to allow the entrance of a truck.

Pick control

This module controls all picking processes. The basic principle is that a picker is asking for a pick list. This list can be transmitted via paper, electronical or by voice. When the request is issued the logistic execution system determines the next best pick that is to be performed. The decision is based on customized algorithm, rules and parameters. The pick control modules enables the parallelism of the pick process: One truck load can be processed by numerous picker. Every picker gets a pick list representing one pallet and so on. The flexible control of data to the picker allows an optimization of the picking process.

Inventory management

The inventory management tracks the stock level of all article in the warehouse. All processes like inbound, outbound and stock transfer are handled. Physical and continous or permanent inventory are supported and shortfalls, breakage and damage as well.

Bin location management

This modules allows the assignment of stock level to bin locations like areas, zones, rows, columns and bins. Affiliated with each other is the labeling of bin location with barcode or RFID technology. Pick-to-Light or Pick-by-Voice is supported and dynamic bin location of pallets in block storage by rfid as well.

Local position system - PalTrack

This subsystem provide the identification of local positions of fork lift in the warehouse. This allows the automatic dynamic tracking of all pallet movements in the warehouse without manual scanning processes! It provides vital data about fork lift activities, traffic and performance. The system enhances the quality of all fork lift transport by automatic recognition of source or sink stations of the transport.

EAN-128 technology

This modules provides all features and functionality to perform EAN-128 aligned processes. Automatic data acquisition of EAN-128-labeled goods at good receipt, the tracking of the goods in the warehouse and the tracing of goods while loading the truck or up to the point where change of ownership happens. All states of EAN-128-labeled goods (in quarantine, available, blocked, etc.) can be managed at the EAN-128 control panel.

fork lift supervision system 

This complex module controls the fork lifts in the warehouse and on the yard. The system generates transfer orders. The orders are dispatched to the fork lifts on a customer defined algorithm. The generation of transfer orders is based on the demand that is entered by stations in the warehouse or logistic processes. The demand can be entered manually or is recognized automatically by the stock level control which reports that a minimum stock level is reached of a certain article at a certain location in the warehouse. This generates a transfer order to refill the bin location of the article. The vehicle are represented by properties to enable the system to dispatch the transfer orders to the appropriate fork lift.

Route settlement

This module allows the settlement of sales orders to a specific route. Orders can be handled separately or can be bulked on a pallet with other orders. In conjunction with the 'load creation' module, the dispatcher generates optimized pallet tickets.


LOGISplus must interface with a host system to get sales orders that are executed in the warehouse. These orders are sourced in an ERP system. You can use festival or any other ERP system. Interfacing with ERP master data LOGISplus is fed with relevant data to perform logistic execution.


Running SAP R/3 as ERP system, you have to use this module that connects to R/3 via standard certifiered SAP interfaces.

Pallet ticket generation

Generating pallet ticket is the leading edge technology to enhance picking processes. A pallet ticket represent one pallet and defines who this pallet is to be build in the picking process. The pallet ticket generator takes all neccessary parameters like packaging, physical dimensions, stackablilty of goods, location in the warehouse and other parameters into account. A complex algorithm takes the complete truck load and splits it into well defined pallets. In best practice this information is sent via a voice system to the picker.

Truck load dispatching

This modules handles the truck and allows to optimize the use of available loading space. Every truck is defined with its individual storage spaces. The dispatcher can assign sales orders to the space on the vehicle. By this mean the truck driver can unload the goods at the customer site in a well defined order or can take into account, that the truck can be unloaded from one site only in the yard of the customer location. The modules collaborates with the 'pallet ticket generator'.


All activities, events and processes are recorded in the database. LOGISplus is able to track every single event. This allows to compact the data to valuable statistical and analytical functions and reports. Standard statistic reports point out important key performance indicators like logistic performance, fork lift efficiency, job performance of picking employee, etc.

Display interface

This modules represents different devices, that can send visual signals.

Switch input interface

Interfacing with input electrical signals like switches, voltage levels, etc.

Mobile device

This module enable mobile devices like handhelds or pdas to communicate with LOGISplus. This allows picking people to request the next picking list or enables the shift foreman to report a truck 'loaded' to leave the yard. Every mobile device needs license.

Data acquisition device

This module interfaces with industry data acquisition devices like a keyboard or simple electronic switch to identify the demand for a transfer order i.e.

The Future

LOGISplus is a componized application. This allows the separation of user-interfaces and application core processes. The next step is to implement web services to make the valuable process functionality available to any application.  

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