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Pick-by-Voice is complex but worthwhile technology. You can count on our experience.

Pick-by-Voice system
Pick-by-Voice system

Voice recognition systems allow a considerable enhancement of picking processes. The picking worker is freed of handling mobile devices or reading picking list from a voucher.

Using simple and easy to use dialogs the worker gets command spoken by a natural voice. The worker acknowleges the commands and executes the tasks. The speech dialoges are self-explaining. This reduces the effort to teach the system.

3C is an application development partner of the TopSystem Systemhaus GmbH located in Aachen, Germany. So we can provide our own solutions based on the leading speech-recognition-system topSPEECH-Lydia by TopSystem.

What are the advantages of speech recognition systems?

Speech controlled system offer brand new ways to execute the processes handling inbound and outbound flow of goods. The benefits are easy to benchmark and make voice controlled processes very economic. We can list the following advantages to lower costs:
  • Improvement of picking performance
  • Very good control of picking process and the executing worker
  • The worker can focus on the accurate accomplishment of the job
  • No disruption of the picking process in order to handle a scanner, handheld, et cetera.
  • The software supports every language and every slang

The way the advantage can be leveraged is depending on the individual situation of the customer and the organizational structure of the warehouse.

LOGISplus speech control software feature

The LOGISplus speech recognition system is featuring:
  • robust and easy-to-use hardware components
  • easy integration into other systems
  • speaker dependent and independent usage
  • Speech command via headset
  • Speech recognition independent from native language
  • usage of industry-proven hardware components
  • Speech recognition software runs under windows ce
  • device independent
  • Handhelds of leading handheld and pda suppliers (Symbol, Intermec, etc.) are supported.
Easy Integration
We have developed a powerful system, that is easy to be integrated into other logistic system or legacy systems. The most profitable way is to use LOGISplus as a underlying warehouse management system. But we are open to interface with any other system.

Feel free to contact us. Pick-by-Voice and other voice-based logistic processes can offer an enormous potential. Please send your request using the request form. Please here.

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