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Pallet tickets
Pallet tickets
Improve building process of pallets.

Improve picking performance by providing better information...

Picking control
Picking control

What is control of picking?

The control of picking means that LOGISplus is in charge of dispatching the pick task to the picking worker. Using the picking control of LOGISplus enhances the performance of all picking processes. The following concepts are responsible for the enhancement:

Pull principle - a worker demands a picking task

This means that a worker is performing a job that has been scheduled and dispatched by LOGISplus. By this means LOGISplus is able to select the next best picking task and takes all parameters and current state of all logistic processes into account. This guarantees optimal control of work and material. When the picking task is done, the worker requests the next one.

Right information at the spot

LOGISplus control all intra logistic processes. In cooperation with the bin location management, the system calculates the optimal route for the picking process. Certainly we consider that certain goods make up a separate load. All this is done in the background by the real time process control system. The picking worker can focus on picking the accurate articles.

Dispatching of work load

The picking worker requests the next task. Now the system evaluates the current state of all processes and determines if the requesting worker gets the next picking job or if it makes sense to complete another customer order to meet a time schedule. The system might dispatch the same load to more than one worker. Using pallet tickets picking processes can be parallized to enhance flexible response.   All these calculations are based on parameters and rules that are customized to meet the individual situation of the picking process at the customer site.

Monitoring of activities

Using these concepts we get a huge amount of detailed data about the picking process. Every step is monitored and stored in a database. You can track when a picking worker has picked the article, which truck the article has been loaded and so on. Valuable statistics and analysis show the performance of the picking processes.

process data with or without a voucher?

Picking process do not have to be done without a voucher to be optimal! What is the best way to communicate with the worker depends on the structure of loads, on the configuration of the warehouse et cetera. If you want to process data without a voucher we have to install wireless lan technology. In a industrial environment this is a heavy investment. All these decisions can only be done on a good understanding of all processes in the warehouse. We can provide you with the appropriate technology. Please, feel free to contact us.

We have the experience and the expertise. Please contact a sales representative for a visit without obligations. We check your situation and make valuable suggestions.

Advantage of picking control
Advantage of picking control

Summary of the advantages of picking control:

  • increase of picking performance
  • better synchronization with other processes
  • optimal scheduling and dispatching of work load
  • monitoring of all activities and events
  • analysis of all activities and events
  • standard reports to visualize the flow of work
  • Better cooperation with all other process like control of fork lifts or control of trucks et cetera

There are many advantages. We would like to show you the advantages you can get at your individual situation in your warehouse. Please feel free to contact us. USe the following request form. Click here.

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