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Maximize space
Maximize space
Optimize floor managment with LOGISplus dynamic bin management.

Bin location management
Bin location management

The management of storage locations is a standard feature of a warehouse management system. Every article on stock is assigned to a bin location. The available locations are defined in a structured manner and represented in a grafical user friendly interface.

The structure can be designed as desired. Every location can be assigned with a barcode label or rfid tag. This feature enables the system to check if the picking worker has picked the right article or the fork lift has reached the accurate spot to pick up pallets.

The bin location management of LOGISplus enables the automatic identification of pallets and storage location in cooperation with the local positioning system PalTrack. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Visualize the warehouse
Visualize the warehouse

The following picture exemplifies the management of a large block storage warehouse with more than 100 blocks. One blocks is composed of three columns of pallets, up to 30 rows and 3 levels high. The so called 'StoreViewer' shows the visualization of the warehouse in a two dimensional grafical pictures. Different colors mark the different usage priorities or reservations that are assigned to the blocks.


On the left site you can see the hierarchical structure of the location management.

Visualization of a single block

With LOGISplus you can take a detailed of a single block storage. Simply click on the location tree and on the right site the selected block will be visualized with it acutal structure in real time!


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