Yardmanagement to get control over all traffic in the yard

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Yard management is often an underachieved issue. Tap to the full potential with LOGISplus. More info...


Yard Management - regain control of traffic flow in the yard
Yard Management - regain control of traffic flow in the yard

What does a yard management system?

The yard management system controls the complete traffic on the premises. All trucks that enter or leave the yard are recognized and their entrance or quitting is monitored and controlled by the system. The strong integration with all other processes in the warehouse allow to enhance the performance of the warehouse. All activities are synchronized. A truck is called to a loading station when the goods AND the fork lift are available. The truck is waiting in a park lane where it has been guided by the system to prevent a traffic jam. This is a popular potential of rationalisation that is underachieved.

What are the components to build a yard management?

The components that make up the LOGISplus yard management is composed of different hardware and software solutions, that are available separately, if desired:

  • vehicle identification by means of magnetic card readers, RFID technology (short and long range), voice recognition or optical camera based systems.
  • Hardware to visualize commands or to transfer commands to a truck or fork lift. These devices are large display panels, stoplights, DECT devices, mobile phones, etc.
  • Interface devices to control other appliances like gates or signal loops in the plant floor.

What are the core features of the yard management?

The yard management is composed of standard functionality that can be customized to meet the individual demand of the customer on their premises. As you can imagine, every plant or premises is different. We group functionality as follows:

  • Auto-Identification of vehicles
  • Control of gateways for inbound and outbound traffic depending of membership to vehicle group
  • Monitoring of all vehicel activities in the database
  • guidance of traffic to all involved stations via display panels or other communication channels
  • Managment of all embark points and optimization of usage in cooperation with all intra logistic processes
  • clearance of outbound traffic when appropriate state is achieved; otherwise the quitting of a truck is prevented
  • analysis of all vehicle flow and activities

There are many reasons to install yard management systems. Feel free to contact us. We will show you to tap the full potential. Send a request.



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